ca. 60 minutes


  • Get an impression of a Thai Yoga Massage and/or let only parts of your body be treated
  • Esspecially good for beginners
  • Decide afterwards if you book a complete massage



Single Treatment:

ca. 90 minutes


  • Your whole body will be touched and moved
  • Wishes and preferenes will be given attention
  • Esspecially for experienced reeivers and/or athletes to support performanceoriented goals



Guided Treatment:

ca. 100 minutes


  • Your whole body will be touched and moved
  • Esspecially hands, feet and the head- and neckarea will be given attention to
  • This treatment is meant for parents and their children or partners which want to aprecciate and deepen their bond


  • In a TYM, after a short anamnesis, you are allowed to put all your existence on a comfortable futon bed.
  • You are fully dressed, in best case in simple, comfortable cottonclothes.
  • Soft music and decent scents helps you to relax completely.
  • Most of the treatments are without oils. I'm only using oils for the face- and headarea, as well as hand and footmassages.