Movement is the essence of all being. Nothing in life is standing still, everything is constantly changing. But movement in our society is getting lost.

There are more and more excuses not to move, to simplyfiy our daily lifes. Electronic helpers like elevators or escalators are made for that purpose, but what they actually do is, preventing us from using our miracle body from using it the way it was made for - moving.


As children it's normal to crawl, run, jump, hang and turn when ever we feel like it.

Even modern medicin knows how good sports and regular movement is for our body, our mood and allover health.

Nowadays a polarising topic, some avoid it where they can and others bring it to top performances.


Personally I know, how good it feels to move daily and to become playful and creative.

I don't care how many reps I can do, but how much fun I have, the awareness of the movement and with who I can share this wonderful experience. My concept is conceptlessness.

Animal Athletics

Animals are born athletes.

The concentrated power of a bear, the speed of a cheetah or the enormous agility of a saurian let us humans become astonished again and again.

Animal Athletics is based on these natural movingpatterns and enable us to get maximum trainingresults and reactivate our instinctive movingintelligence while staying physically and mentally healthy.



  • standing and walking in different patterns,
  • lying and sitting in various positions,
  • moving on the ground and around obstacles,

in combination with instinctive infantile patterns offers Animal Athletics a wonderful base to:

  • increase mobility,
  • build strength,
  • improve coordination,
  • and leads to top performances in every sport.