Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) with its origin in Indias Ayurveda, was developed a couple thousand years ago in Thailand, was influenced by many forces and consists of four essential aspects now:

  • Thai Massage
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness (Vipassana)
  • Compassion (Metta)

and represents a basis for Nuad, the healing touch.

With static or dynamic approaches, various methods like:

  • Akupressure,
  • push- and kneadtechniques,
  • pull- and lifting movements,
  • contraction and stretching

with almost every part of the body, as well as the Sen-lines (similiar to meridians), will be:

  • softened tight muscles and mobilised joints,
  • strengthened breath and posture,
  • activated the parasympathical nervous system,
  • supported the blood circulation,
  • assured the flow of energy.

In many eastern traditions, not only the

  • physical body, but also the
  • emotional and the
  • mental body are part of you.

Only when all of the bodys are in balance with each other, it is considered as holistic health.


TYM also gives the oppurtunity to:

  • practice selflove,
  • feel yourself in your body,
  • practice the art of letting go,
  • activate the inner healing forces,
  • experience moving meditation

In a treatment, we want to remind each other that healing is in every breath and every movement and with this support your healing and well-being.A massage should not be considered as a solution for problems. It should be considered as a guiding way to a solution. Tight muscels are often only the symptom with which the body shows a disbalance in the organism.


Please assure yourself by talking to your trusted doctor.


  • In a TYM, after a short anamnesis, you are allowed to put all your existence on a comfortable futon bed.
  • You are fully dressed, in best case in simple, comfortable cottonclothes.
  • Soft music helps you to relax completely.
  • Most of the treatments are without oils. I'm only using oils for the face- and headarea, as well as hand and footmassages.



ca. 60 minutes - 50 €uro


  • Get an impression of a Thai Yoga Massage and/or let only parts of your body be treated
  • Esspecially good for beginners
  • Decide afterwards if you book a complete massage

Wholebodytreatment soft:

ca. 80 minutes - 80 €uro


  • Your whole body will be touched and moved
  • Esspecially hands, feet and the head- and neckarea will be given attention
  • Recommended for children and their parents to value and deepen a strong boonding

Wholebodytreatment intensive:

ca. 100 minutes - 100 €uro


  • Your whole body will be touched and moved intensely
  • Wishes and preferences will be given attention
  • Esspecially for expierenced receivers and/or athletes to support performanceoriented goals

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  • November 2017: Beginners course Thai Yoga Massage in munich with Sophia Fenner (20 hours)
  • August 2018: Thai Yoga Massage Basic Practioner in munich with Till Heeg and Sophia Fenner (100 hours)
  • December 2018: Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage in munich with Till Heeg (24 hours)