Meleyan is the name which carrys the vision to serve the people in my community through Yoga and Massage.

To serve with what I love to do and with what helped me to heal in many areas of my life.


I think life has so many beautiful things to offer and I believe all of us are coming with a certain gift to this world.

To find a balance between giving and taking is a big part of my existence.

One way to express gratefulness, love and devotion is the

Thai Yoga Massage for me.


I was born in march of 1991 in munich, germany and since that, I live there.

For about 10 years now, I'm working in a Kindergarten as a Kindergartenteacher, guiding kids from three to six years of age.

There too, I live a vision filled with the celebration of uniqueness and compassion towards each other.


I always was an active child, who was easily fascinated by different traditions, religions and ceremonys for example the Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism as well as different Yogastyles and martial arts.

Always searching for one truth, I came to believe that there is many ways, which lead to the same goal - Peace in all areas.


Daily movement, meditation and fresh, vegan food as well as music and dance keep me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy.


I truely believe that touch is a basic need of all beings and can only be healing with the right intention.

That healing touch is a gift, I want to make you, because I know you deserve it.


Furthermore I believe that we are energetically connected and we are all coming from the same big family.

Everything good we do to our selfes, we positively influence all beings in our surroundings.


In TYM, it's not about lots of techniques, but about Awareness and concentration for what you as a receiver need right now.

I always make sure that everything comes from the heart and is fun. The change is felt in every present moment.

It's devotion in motion.


  • August 2017: Animal Athletics Trainer in munich with Dr. Fabian Allmacher (8 hours)
  • November 2017: Beginners course Thai Yoga Massage in munich with Sophia Fenner (20 hours)
  • December 2017: Singingcircle-leader training in munich with Philipp Stegmüller (50 hours)
  • March 2018: Integral Yoga Basic Teacher in Portugal with Swami Divyananda (200 hours)
  • August 2018: Thai Yoga Massage Basic Practioner in munich with Till Heeg and Sophia Fenner (100 hours)
  • December 2018: Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage in munich with Till Heeg (24 hours)
  • July 2019: Advanced Thai Massage in Greece with Krishnatakis (50 hours)


I want to thank some people, because they actively inspired me, so I could become the person I think I am now.

  • Firstly thanks to my family, all my ancestors and spirits, alive or alived.
  • I thank the five elements and the seven directions for their guidance.
  • Thanks to my brothers and sisters, which walk the path with me and inspire me daily to become the best version of myself.
  • Thanks to all the teachers, which showed me what power the body has, and reminded me that it should not be the main source of power.
  • I thank everyone who let me touch and move them and will do so.

The Thai Yoga Massage would not be what it is today without Chayuth and Pichet as well as Asokananda, for what I am very thankful.

My direct Thai Yoga Massage teachers are

Till Heeg ans Sophia Fenner.

Thanks to them too, because without their guidance, my dream would still be a dream.


Thank you, Fabian Allmacher, for a beautiful friendship and a constant mentoring and inspiration.


Integral Yoga would not be what it is today without Guru Satchidananda and I'm very grateful for that.

Jai Tara and Jai Saraswati for the guiding energy which allows me to live my style of Yoga and pass it on to others.