Meleyan is the name behind the vision to serve the people through Thai Yoga Massage and do good for me and my surroundings.


I want to serve with what I love to do and with what I was able to heal my body, my mind, my emotions and my spirit.


Read about Thai Yoga Massage, where it comes from and find out about me and my offers on this page.


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Hanuman (Sanskrit: हनुमान् Hanuman) is one of the most popular hinduistic figures in form of an ape. He is the manifestation of Prana, the lifeforce in ayurveda and symbolises power (shakti) and devotion (bhakti), humbleness and humility.


Together his lord Rama and his wife Sita are representing the connection between male and female, earthly and heavenly and Hanuman, which carrys both in his heart, stands for the way to unity. 


"Hanuman Dance" is a move from the Thai Yoga Massage which inspired me to name this page after it and always reminds me of having fun in life and taking it as it comes with ease.


Aum Shri Hanumathe Namaha.